Darwin Laser Tag

What is laser tag?

Laser tag is a live-action sport, a combination of paintball and video games. Players enter a laser tag arena, armed with their laser tag phaser and vest. Players can be divided into teams, or sent out on their own. The objective? Shoot the opposing players with your laser tag gun, and score the most points. There are many different game modes available.

What is laser tag?

The Players

Laser tag game players wear a vest or head gear with a phaser/gun attached. When the player pulls the trigger, an infrared signal from the phaser is emitted. The aim of the laser game is to "tag" the other team, this is done by aiming at the other players vests or head gear.

What is laser tag?    What is laser tag?    What is laser tag?

The Equipment

Delta Strike Laser Tag Weapons

Vests are illuminated with different colors to indicate what team that player belongs to.

When a player is tagged, their gun deactivates for 5 seconds. 

During this time the lights on the vest go out (or dim) and the phaser no longer operates. The gun and vest re-activate after 5 seconds.

What is laser tag?What is laser tag?What is laser tag?What is laser tag?

Battle Field Sports Laser Tag Weapons

Head gear is Red or Blue Team.

Battlefield Sports' technology uses infra-red light (just like a TV remote) inside gaming guns. This laser tag equipment enables combat simulation games. These games use Battlefield Sports' patented technology "SATR". SATR is the world's first instantaneous hit feedback system which works peer-to-peer and in any terrain.

What is laser tag?What is laser tag?What is laser tag?

The Arena

After being briefed on the laser tag rules and the game objective or mission players enter the arena to begin play. The arena is set out in a maze like design with partitions and themed props, this area is a dark environment lit with black light.

What is laser tag?