"Hyper the Clown" Fundraiser

KJS Entertainment is proudly supporting the NT's own Hyper the Clown by hosting a "Clowning Around with Hyper" fundraising event. KJS will donate 50% of ticket sales to Hyper the Clown to help achieve her goals!

Buy Tickets Online ... OR Contact KJS Entertainment 89271133.

Please support Humanitarian Clowning by "helping Hyper to help others".

What is Humanitarian Clowning?
Humanitarian Clowning
is simply connecting with people through fun, friendship and compassion.

With your help Hyper hope's to go back to India this November and spread the clowniness to all the people who need it. The clowns will be visiting orphanages, rehab units, special needs schools, psych wards, pediatric wards, gypsy communities, leprosy colonies and clowning in the streets.

"Hyper the Clown" Fundraiser

Why help Hyper?

For the past few years Hyper the Clown has fundraised and with the help and support of family, friends and the Darwin community. In 2013 she was able to join Humanitarian Clowns Inc. in the southern state of India, Tamil Nadu for three weeks. Where the clowns visited orphanages, rehab units, special needs schools, psych wards, paediatric wards, leprosy  colonies and gypsy communities.

In 2014, Hyper the Clown joined the famous Patch Adams from the Gesundheit Institute and 27 Volunteers from all over the world in Morocco. They spread laughter, happiness and smiles in hospitals and orphanages around the country. Then in September
Hyper the Clown joined Patch Adams again in Costa Rica, where she contributed in volunteer work and care clowning workshops in San Jose."Hyper the Clown" Fundraiser

Help KJS...... Help Hyper....Help Others!

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