Thank you

Posted on 16 December, 2012 in Services

KJS Entertainment would like to say Thank You.

Thank you to all of our family, friends and staff who have supported and assisted us and who continue to support and assist us, to make our dream a reality. Thank you to every acquaintance and stranger who heard our concept and encouraged us. Thank you to all of those businesses who freely gave advice. Lastly a huge thank you to our customers, you have embraced our concept of what a Family Entertainment Centre should be, your words of encouragement and suggestions for improvement are appreciated.

Thank you

Coming in 2013

We have some big plans for 2013... there are a number of concepts which we will be implementing in 2013 such as, regular weekly morning "Story Time" & "Craft" sessions for young children.

Thank youAlso live performances by local Performing Arts students, there is a lot of talented youth in our schools but unfortunately not many appropriate venues for them to perform. Also of course more of our great service!

Another of our goals is to raise our profile with regards to themed functions. Our venue is unique, you can't hire a function space with this many extras anywhere. For example, we will be hosting a Vegas themed Wedding Vow renewal ceremony and reception in February... we can't wait.

Thank you

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