Posted on 30 April, 2015 in Playground, Activities, Parties, Services

We dont always like them, we dont always want to follow them, but there is no denying that some Rules are necessary for safety and order.  It is sometimes fun to break a few rules, to be a bit of a rebel, we all do it at some time or another. However we often dont give much consideration to how not fun it is to be the person(s) responsible for enforcing rules.

So lets talk about some KJS rules

* Socks must be worn on all Playground areas by children and supervising adults.  Why?   Rules...Rules...Rules
Cleanliness, no-one wants to crawl around in foot sweat or foot fungus, a sock at least provides some barrier. What about hands? I hear you say, kids hands are germ magnets too. Yes hands can be a source of germs however one would hope that most people wash their hands regularly throughout the day (much easier than washing your feet regularly throughout the day!).  

Safety, it is not easy to climb up the slides with socks on so this is a bit of a deterrent.  Also when children go down the slide without socks, they can get traction flipping them head over feet to the bottom causing injury.  I have seen a youtube video of this happening and it was not pretty.

* No BYO Food & Drink.  Why?    Rules...Rules...Rules

Economics plays a big part in this rule.  Play Centres like KJS are businesses, if we dont make money we dont exist it is that simple.  You wouldnt take your own food to a city Cafe or Restaurant; Play Centres are no different.
Quality Control, this rule also allows KJS at  least some control over what types of food come into our Centre e.g. KJS endeavors to be a peanut free zone.

* Children Must be 6yrs & over to play Laser Tag.  Why?Rules...Rules...Rules

Insurance, this particular rule is an insurance company requirement which KJS must comply with.

* Enclosed shoes Must be worn to play Laser Tag.  Why?
Safety, to avoid injury to feet, particularly toes, enclosed shoes are a must.

The bottom line is KJS rules exist for good reasons and KJS staff are committed to enforcing the rules.  By following our rules you, the customers, benefit with cleanliness, safety, great customer service and a fun place for your family to visit.  

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